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Your diamond is a rare piece of art. You can wear your diamond every single day for hundreds of years without age diminishing its beauty.

Did You Know?

The Greeks believed diamonds were tears of the gods. The Romans thought they were splinters of fallen stars and that they brought strength, courage and bravery during battle. Cupid’s arrows were believed to be tipped with diamonds and may be why they are considered the ultimate symbol of love today.



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Give Something Beautiful To The One Who Makes Your World Beautiful. Stop in Today for that little item to express your true feelings.

Diamonds! They go great with Jeans, Business Attire, or your Lovely Formal Dresses. Diamonds are always in fashion and are the perfect complement to everything you wear.  Go Ahead, Indulge a Little, You Deserve It.

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Did You Know?
The first recorded history of the diamond dates back some 3,000 years to India, where it is likely that diamonds were first valued for their ability to refract light. In those days, the diamond was used in two ways-for decorative purposes, and as a talisman to ward off evil or provide protection in battle.
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