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What else can you wear every day for a 1000 plus years?

Diamonds! They go great with Jeans, Business Attire, or your Lovely Formal Dresses. Diamonds are always in fashion and are the perfect complement to everything you wear.  Go Ahead, Indulge a Little, You Deserve It.

Did You Know?
A diamond is the hardest natural substance on earth, and is four times harder than the next hardest material corundum, from which rubies and sapphires are formed.

Did You Know?
Approximately 250 tons of diamond-bearing ore must be mined & processed to produce just 1 Carat of Diamonds, and on average only 25% of those diamonds are considered gem quality.

Did You Know?
Diamond gets its name from the Greek adamas meaning invincible. The Romans believed that diamonds brought courage and bravery during battle. Throughout history Diamonds were thought to be the embodiment of invincibility and give the wearer superior strength and good fortune.

Did You Know?
For Every Million Diamonds Mined Only One will be Gem Quality of Over One Carat.

Did You Know?
The Greeks believed diamonds were tears of the gods. The Romans thought they were splinters of fallen stars and that they brought strength, courage and bravery during battle. Cupid’s arrows were believed to be tipped with diamonds and may be why they are considered the ultimate symbol of love today.

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No professional jeweler would ever buy diamonds sight unseen and neither should you.  We choose only the finest diamonds with the most brilliance and sparkle, to add to our inventory. Don’t be fooled by retouched photos online, come into our store and see the actual jewelry before you buy.